Nissan's North East supply chain breathes a "sigh of relief" after investment news

With the announcement of Nissan's £1bn 'gigafactory' and production of their new all-eletric model in Washington came the news that around 1,600 jobs would be created by the company locally.

But, the impact will be felt even further, with an expected 6,200 jobs to be created within the supply chain nationally.

Some of those businesses involved in the supply chain and dependent on work from Nissan already are based here in the North East.

Paragon Rapid Technologies is a 3D printing business based on the Teesside International Airport site.

The company is investing in new technology and will be supplying Nissan. Already, the Japanese car manufacturer makes up 20% of Paragon's business.

Paragon's automotive expert, Mark Rimmer, says, "We're so well set up to support the electric vehicle trend that's happening in the UK, very rapid development projects happening all around us. We've got 3D print technology which really means the engineers and project teams and print the parts quickly."

New Silicon Valley

The confirmation of the expansion into this new 'gigafactory' isn't just about the 1600 jobs created now. Some think this "electric revolution" could spark long term changes for the economy in the North East.