Visitors return to the Farne Islands to see thriving wildlife

  • Report by Helen Carnell

The Farne Islands welcomes visitors again to enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.

With a limited capacity of visitors at four boats per day, the rangers of The Farne Islands are eager to welcome people back.

Having operated with skeleton staff for more than a year and a half, the ranger team say they are looking forward to getting back to normal.

Credit: Paul Kingston

The lack of visitors to The Farne Islands over the last 18 months has resulted in some intriguing changes to its local wildlife.

The arctic terns have nested away from the main inner Farne to neighbouring staple island, probably as its common predators haven't been scared off by a daily influx of people.

Credit: Paul Kingston

Harriet Reid, who has been a Farne Island ranger for over 6 years, said:

“One of the things we have noticed is that there are more terns nesting on this island, last year there was just the one, now there are around 200.

“The terns can be quite picky about where they nest and changes to their habitat may mean they prefer to nest here”.

Credit: Paul Kingston

You can find more about visiting the Farne Islands here.