Hundreds of car manufacturing jobs up for grabs at Nissan's Sunderland factory

Nissan is recruiting for hundreds of jobs on Wearside.

The Japanese car manufacturer is looking for 400 new members of staff to join the 6,000 strong workforce at the Sunderland plant.

Successful applicants will work on the production line for the car giant's new electric vehicle and start work on its new electric car battery site.

Nissan EV36Zero will see Sunderland build the company's next-generation EV crossover and, in partnership with Sunderland Council, deliver a 100% electric renewable electricity 'Microgrid.' 

The announcement is seen as a further vote of confidence in the Sunderland factory.

Earlier this month Nissan announced plans to invest £1 billion in a new flagship electric vehicle hub.

The manufacturer says the 'Nissan EV36Zero' gigafactory will supercharge the company's drive to become carbon neutral and build on efforts to create zero-emission car travel. 

Under the plans announced at the beginning of July, the Sunderland factory will build Nissan's new fully electric model and a 7.5 gigawatt battery plant, which could create 1,500 jobs on Wearside, with an expected 6,200 jobs in the wider supply chain.

The government provided funding towards the investment but when asked would not comment on how much money from the taxpayer's purse was put towards the scheme.

The new roles available on Wearside will be both permanent and temporary positions. 

Nissan says there has 'never been a better time to join' the company, with the all new Qashqai in production and the recent Nissan EV36Zero announcement.