Cleveland Police recruit their first ever wellbeing and support dogs

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Cleveland Police has welcomed two new four-legged recruits to help support officers and staff with their mental health.

Bella and Sol are the Force’s first Wellbeing and Trauma Support dogs.

Bella is a 1-year-old female Labrador and Husky cross.

Bella Credit: Cleveland Police

Sol is a 9-year-old male Standard Poodle.

Sol Credit: Cleveland Police

Bella and Sol will work with the Force’s Wellbeing and Blue Light team to deliver a programme of wellbeing initiatives across the organisation.

Hilary Brown, Sol’s handler said: “I was so pleased to hear of this national initiative of having well being dogs. I was approached by Inspector Phil Spencer, who had heard about Sol, to see if we would be interested in this. I said yes straight away as the pressure on officers and staff is immense and I hope that Sol can help.

“I find that my pets provide me with a lot of emotional support at times. He passed his assessment with flying colours.