Newcastle mum of four with incurable cancer shares cancer journey through social media videos

A mother of four from Newcastle who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer wants to raise awareness of her condition and has urged others not to suffer in silence if they suspect they may also be unwell.

Stacey Pentland was diagnosed with incurable lymphoma cancer 16 months ago.

Having no ‘cancer symptoms’ at the time and when she was diagnosed, Stacey now wants to make sure she helps to raise awareness of the condition and has been documenting her cancer journey on social media.

Stacey has been documenting her cancer journey on social media platform TikTok Credit: TikTok/Stacey Pentland

Talking about her initial diagnosis, Stacey said:

Stacey added: “My children know that if it wasn’t for my cancer treatment, I wouldn’t be here. For a year and a half, I’ve been on chemo every second week but my treatment stopped working, so I’ve started a new treatment in the hope that it prolongs my life.”

To help control her condition, Stacey has been cared for by St Oswald’s Hospice, a leading North East Hospice who are experts in pain and symptom management as well as end of life care for people who have a range of incurable conditions, including cancer. 

Stacey has praised the Hospice for helping her to get her life back in just a few days, as she was in so much pain she couldn’t get out bed. Stacey is now preparing to go home to spend quality time with her family.

With the time that Stacey has left, she wants to raise awareness of living with cancer and inspire others, she continued:

“After the initial shock of my diagnosis, I thought if this is the end of my life, I need to do something good with the time I have left. I knew nothing about cancer, and so I wanted to raise awareness to others, and that’s when I started my daily video diaries on Tik Tok. 

“Everything started to blow up on social media and as a family, we’ve had an unbelievable amount of support. From the beginning, I’ve been really honest about my journey as there’s a lot people don’t talk about when it comes to cancer. It’s sometimes a taboo subject, so I want to show the hard times when I’ve been in a lot of pain.”