Newcastle Airport goes solar in Net zero aim

Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport has announced plans to build a solar farm as part of its ambition to become a Net Zero emissions business by 2035.

In January 2020 the Airport released a roadmap for how it hoped to cut emissions and reach Net Zero ahead of the majority of Airports across Europe which have a 2050 target.

The roadmap includes a new fleet of electric vehicles, changing to new technologies and working with airport stakeholders to reduce their own emissions. Generating renewable energy was identified as critical to achieving the target.

In 2019, almost five-and-a-half million customers passed through the Airport's doors.

If approved, the solar farm will be built on land at the eastern end of the runway. It'll be built in four phases between 2022 and 2035 and aims to provide 100% of the Airport's electricity requirements. Battery units will store excess energy for use during the evening.

The Airport successfully bid for funding from the England European Regional Development Fund to support the first phase of the project.

The Airport says trees will be planted to screen the solar farm from view and it is working with a specialist environmental team to ensure the ecological impact is minimal.

A consultation on the proposals is now open before they are submitted to Newcastle City Council as a planning application.

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