Meet the baby mouse the size of a one pence coin that was rescued in Newcastle

Credit: RSPCA

A baby mouse the size of a one pence coin was rescued by animal charity RSPCA after her mum was captured by a cat in Newcastle.

The mouse was found by the cat owners in Brendale Avenue after they saw their pet scratching in the house, and noticed the mother mouse ran off leaving her babies behind.

A member from the RSPCA collected the mouse, thought to be just hours old, and took the animal to a rescue centre, Pawz For Thought in Sunderland.

Initially, the mouse had been placed in an incubator and was fed by a member of staff through the night with goats milk on a tiny make-up brush.

By morning the mouse was put in a cage with some mother mice who already had some babies to see if she would become a surrogate parent. Credit: RSPCA

Trish Storey, a volunteer at Pawz For Thought, said: "There is always a fear that due to the smaller size of Penny the new mother may have rejected her - but in this case she happily took on her parental responsibilities and was lovely to see. She really is our little miracle.”

The rescuers have appropriately named the mouse 'Penny.'

Penny is now about 10 days old and is continuing to do well. Credit: RSPCA