North Yorkshire council "dissapointed" at amount of litter found in a two-week-long campaign

Credit: Richmondshire District Council

A two-week-long campaign to tidy up one of North Yorkshire's busiest roads unearthed tonnes of discarded food waste containers and old car parts.

Members of Richmondshire council joined forces with Highways England to facilitate the litterpick on the A66 earlier this month.

They cleaned up the Richmondshire stretches of the dual carriageway - collecting more than 100 bags of rubbish.

90% of the rubbish had been from plastic bottles, glass containers, drinks cans and food wrappers all discarded by passing motorists.

Councillor Richard Good said: "We are disappointed that so much litter and flytips were found and all clearly discarded by passing motorists – we urge people to take their rubbish home and recycle as much as possible.”