Distressing video highlights dangers of drug driving after a little boy was hit in Stockton

*Warning: This video contains scenes from a serious road traffic collision involving a young boy*

The family of a boy who was hit by a car in Stockton is backing a police campaign to highlight the dangers of drug-driving.

James Herring has released GoPro footage of the moments before and after his son Noah was seriously injured by a car being driven far too fast by a drug driver.

Noah, who was six at the time, was out for a bike ride with his dad.

Noah and his dad, James, were cycling to the park on a designated cycle path when the Mercedes driven by 24 year old Harry Summersgill crossed two lanes of traffic before mounting the pavement and striking Noah at speeds of over 60mph in a 30mph zone.

The wreck of Summersgill's car after the crash Credit: Cleveland Police

Harry Summersgill was found to be driving under the influence of cocaine, cannabis and ketamine when he ploughed into little Noah Herring on Yarm Road in Eaglescliffe.

Noah was rushed to hospital after suffering a bleed on the brain as well as fractures to his lower left leg and his collarbone.

Fortunately, he is not expected to have suffered any long term physical effects from the injuries.

Noah's dad, James, captured the moment his little boy was hit on a GoPro attached to his bike.

In the harrowing video, James can be heard trying to keep Noah conscious and comfort him, as the young child cries.

James gave his permission for the police to use the video to highlight the potentially fatal danger of driving after taking drugs.

This video contains distressing images
  • Warning: This video contains scenes from a serious road traffic collision involving a young boy

Cleveland Police have posted parts of the video on social media to drive home the message as part of a national campaign to clamp down on drug-driving offences.

Harry Summersgill

Teesside Crown Court heard how Summersgill then stood back and did nothing to help injured Noah, following the 7am crash on February 28.

Summersgill, of Whitehouse Croft, in Long Newton, Stockton, pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving at a previous hearing.

The 24 year old  was jailed for three years.

In a statement, Noah's dad told Summersgill that he turned his back on him and Noah, not caring if he was alive or dead.Mr Herring said: "Noah was exactly where he was supposed to be that morning in front of his dad listening to instructions.

Following the collision earlier this year, Noah was presented with a new bike.PC Natalie Horner worked on the case as part of the Collision Investigation Team, and as a good will gesture she contacted Kona Bikes to ask if they could assist Noah with a replacement.

Noah and his new bike Credit: Cleveland Police

Scott Belshaw, of Kona Bikes, immediately set to work as soon as he heard what had happened.He made and personally delivered the bike, completely free of charge, as a surprise for Noah at the Cleveland and Durham Specialists Operations Unit in Wynyard.

PC Horner said: "Noah deserves something nice after the difficult time he had earlier this year.