New vaccination bus in Darlington encouraging people to get their Covid jab

The first Covid-19 Vaccination Bus service launches in Bolton

A new vaccination bus will be out in Darlington on Thursday (19 August) to encourage more people to get their Covid jab.

Those eligible to receive the treatment on the bus will be anyone who has yet to come forward for their first dose, or anyone who has yet to come forward for their second dose a minimum of eight weeks after their first.

Appointments are not required, and an on-board team of vaccinators and support staff will be on hand to answer questions or address any issues of vaccine hesitancy.

The mobile clinic aims to boost vaccination rates in areas of the town where uptake has been lower than average. Credit: PA

Penny Spring, Director of Public Health at Darlington Borough Council, said: "Almost 85% of our eligible population have had at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, which is fantastic news.

"Our focus now is on those who have yet to come forward for their jab to ensure that as many people as possible across our communities are protected."

Councillor Kevin Nicholson said: “By providing the bus, we can remove as many barriers as possible for our communities who have not came forward for their vaccine for practical reasons, such as lack of transport or time in their schedules.

"We hope our community focused approach to COVID vaccinations in Darlington will encourage as many residents as possible to get both doses of the vaccine so we can best protect our communities.”

More information on the vaccination bus can be found on the council's website.