North Yorkshire dairy farmers look at ways to cut down their carbon emissions.

  • Video report by Tom Barton.

Dairy farmers in the North York Moors have been thinking about their carbon footprint from producing milk.

Solar panels and wind turbines that have been generating electricity has been helping one farm become a top rated farm for lowering emissions.

The farmer, Joe Welford, said: "We are producing enough renewable energy for the 2.7 million litres of milk we are supplying, we are self-efficient in that."

The country's biggest milk producer has carried out the biggest study of its kind, looking at where farmers can cut down on their carbon emissions.

Arla Food identified six key areas for improvement that farmers must address now if the sector is to reach the target of creating carbon net zero milk by 2050.

The largest causes of emissions come from six main areas:

  • Cow digestion: 46%

  • Cow feed (where and how its produced): 37%

  • Manure Handling: 9%

  • Energy production and usage: 5%

  • Emissions from Peat soils: 1%

  • All other emissions: 2%