Afghan nationals living in the North East react to the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan

Afghan nationals living in the North East have been reacting to the crisis unfolding in their Taliban-controlled country.

Fahim Habibi decided to speak on camera to ITV Tyne Tees, he says the scenes unravelling in Afghanistan has left him frightened:

Mr Habibi is the owner of Afghan Grill House in Newcastle and has family still in Kabul - with his parents and sister only minutes from Kabul.

The Government has warned that it will take "hours, not weeks" to complete its evacuation of Britons and local allies from Afghanistan. Defence Minister Ben Wallace reiterated that "not everyone will get out" of Afghanistan even if they're legally entitled to enter the UK.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has called on the Prime Minister to ensure his 'levelling up' agenda applies to those seeking refuge.

He told ITV Tyne Tees: "It's time for a ‘levelling up' where places like Middlesbrough don't continue to shoulder most of the challenges - so I'd want to see posh places like Kensington & Chelsea and Elmbridge, Surrey taking their fair share of those in need as well.

"Together we can do this, but only if it's done fairly, if everyone plays their part and if the right support is in place."

An evacuation is ongoing at Kabul Airport but chaos caused by thousands trying to escape is hampering efforts. Credit: AP

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair an emergency meeting of G7 nations to coordinate a response to the crisis. It is thought the UK, along with France and Germany will raise the possibility of allowing more time at the summit.

But success appears unlikely for the PM, with Mr Biden suggesting on Sunday evening that he'd be sticking to the August 31 deadline and a Taliban spokesperson warned there would be "consequences" if the agreement was broken.

The mother of a Sunderland soldier, who died in Afghanistan in 2008, says the troops dealing with the evacuation of British nationals are enduring their worst tour of the country. 

Private Nathan Cuthbertson's mother Carla says she knows of soldiers - currently in Afghanistan - who will need support when they return because of what they've witnessed.