Hartlepool journalist and dad killed by gunmen while making a documentary in Ghana

Video report by Julia Breen

A journalist who grew up in Hartlepool has been killed by gunmen while making a documentary in Ghana.

Syed Taalay Ahmed, 31, was on a filming mission for the London-based MTA International Television station when his car was reportedly ambushed and shot at by armed robbers.

A spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said he and his colleagues were returning from a filming session for a documentary he had travelled to Ghana for when the incident happened at 7pm local time on Monday, 23 August.

Mr Ahmed and Umaru Abdul Hakim, a local Ghanian colleague, were both hit by the bullets. The gunmen made away with some of their possessions and a sum of money. They were taken to a nearby clinic, where they were given some first-aid, before being transferred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital for further treatment where Mr Ahmed died.

Syed Taalay Ahmed, right, and with his two children, left Credit: FAMILY PHOTO

Mr Ahmed grew up in Hartlepool and completed a masters in journalism at Sunderland University before setting out on a career in journalism.

He leaves his wife, two young children, parents and siblings.

A spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said: "He was a bright and creative journalist who worked on a number of documentaries ranging from football to faith."

Syed Taalay Ahmed, left, with brother Aadil Credit: FAMILY PHOTO

A press release reportedly signed by the Ghanian Police, said that six suspects were allegedly involved in some robberies and murder cases along the highway where Mr Ahmed was targeted.

Two of the suspects were reportedly killed in a police encounter while police arrested four others suspected of being involved in the alleged murder.

His body is being flown back to the UK on Wednesday, 1 September.