Darlington Council prepares to welcome Afghan families

Darlington town centre

Darlington Council has arranged for four Afghan families who fled their home country to be re-homed in the borough.

Support packages have been agreed, including housing and offers of clothing, toys and future skills training. The council says it's proud to be welcoming people who are re-building their lives due to the ongoing conflict in the Taliban-controlled country.

In a Twitter post, the council said they expect the arrival of the families later this month.

Days after it was declared Kabul had fell under Taliban control, North East and North Yorkshire councils vowed to provide a "safer future" for refugees fleeing the crisis in their country.

A rally was held in Newcastle City Centre to gain support for the rehoming of refugees in the area.

Earlier this month, ITV Tyne Tees spoke to two Afghan interpreters who worked with the British army in Afghanistan and have since resettled in the North East - they said they're worried about what might happen to their family members who haven't escaped. 

Charities and support groups in our region are doing what they can to support those in need, many of whom left without any belongings.

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