Neighbours in North Yorkshire town work together to transform their back alley into a green space

Credit: Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

Neighbours in North Yorkshire town have been working together to transform their back alley into a green space.

The project had been undertaken by residents of Ruby and Garnet Streets from Saltburn, with the help of the council.

The residents’ collective efforts began after two leaflets from different households were circulated amongst neighbours, requesting help with the ‘greening’ of the alleyway.

After gaining an enthusiastic response - the residents contacted the council who were running a tree initiative, to see if they could be included.

The council arranged for 12 trees to be supplied, as well as providing spring bulbs for later in the year.

The transformation has already inspired more locals to reclaim their back alleys to make them a place to enjoy their time together. Credit: Redcar and Cleveland Council

Rod Harris, one of the residents who worked on the project, said: “We are all thrilled with how the alley looks. This could not have been achieved without the tremendous cooperation and support between neighbours that quickly developed along the alley.

"We get lots of compliments from fellow residents from all over Saltburn and even attract visitors who choose to walk through the alley instead of the front street due to its inviting view.”

Cllr Julie Craig, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood, Highways and Transport, said: “We want to congratulate the residents from the Ruby and Garnet streets for their amazing initiative and determination to make their back alley a brighter and more welcoming space."

Cllr Craig added: “We are keen to support people in fulfilling any local projects aimed to increase the beauty of their area and we were more than happy to arrange for the trees and compost to be supplied to the residents for their project.”