Sunderland Dad with terminal cancer to take on the Great North Run

Chris Johnson_family photo
Chris Johnson has incurable cancer but treatment is keeping the disease under control for now Credit: Family photo

A Sunderland Dad who has terminal cancer is running this Sunday's Great North Run as part of his final bucket list of challenges.

Chris Johnson - who is 41 and a father to three small children - was told his cancer is incurable last year.

Not only is he taking on the GNR, he is also doing this years London Marathon in October.

Chris is feeling fit and active at the moment thanks to treatment Credit: Official run photo - Durham City Run

At the moment, Chris says he feels fit and active - and is hoping for a few more years to spend with his family - with treatment aiming to slow the growth and the spread of the disease.

Chris was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2019, with a rare type of tumour called a GIST.

That was removed in January 2020 - but it was later discovered the cancer had spread to his liver and was incurable.

Chris is raising money for the charity Children with Cancer.

Chris Johnson is a father to three young children Credit: Family photo