Your Great North Run pictures from the past 40 years

Cyclists taking part in the Tour of Britain entered our region at around 1pm Man bikingDash symbol Person bikingDash symbol Man bikingDash symbol

Great to see them back after last year's event was cancelled.
The 2008 Great North Run Credit: PA

Check out the pictures sent to us from our own Tyne Tees viewers of them participating in the Great North Run:

Ed White, 1981.
Nicola Spoors with her dad and brother, 1985.
Emma Jane Johnson and her dad, 1986.
Stuart Heathcock, 2010.
Ivan and Nadine Hollingsworth, 2011.
Kevin Clarke, 2012.
Paul Baker, 2012.
Julie Wilde, 2013.
Ivan Hollingsworth and his son Seb (aged 4), 2013.
Joseph Wimpenny, 2014.
Lesley Gregory, 2014.
Tracy Cranswick, 2014.
Alison Costello, 2015.
Andrew Grey, 2015.
Steve Wilson, 2015.
Colin Plews with Tyne Tees' very own Ian Payne and Simon O'Rourke, 2016.
Georgia Wilding, 2016.
Jessica Rutledge, 2016.
Julie Nicholson, 2016.
Christine and her son Lewis Bestford, 2017.
Paul Leadbeater, 2017.
Steve Wilson, 2017.
Adam Baker, 2018.
Alison Nesbitt, 2018.
Amy Brooks, 2018.
John Barkworth, 2018.
Nichola and Jim Burton, 2018.
Amy Louise and Carly Coates, 2019.
Bryan Potts, 2019.
Catherine White, 2019.
David Race, 2019.
Lisa Dixon-Hutchinson with sister Aly Dixon and their mum, 2019.
Marshia Collier Iqbal, 2019.
Peter Watt, 2019.
Tanya Williams, 2019.

Check out the pictures from our own Tyne Tees staff at the Great North Run:

Katie Cole and her mum.
Simon O'Rourke
Chris Conway and his mum, 2014.
Amy Lea, 2018.
Emily Reader, 2019.
Jennie Henry with her friend Amy Schumm, 2019.
Katie Maddison and her cousin Lauren, 2019.