Can you help? Woman loses engagement ring before Great North Run

130921 eli laing missing ring town moor
Elli's missing ring Credit: Family photo

Can you help? A North East woman is desperately searching for her engagement ring on the Town Moor, after losing it just before starting the Great North Run.

Elli wearing the ring before leaving for the race Credit: Elli Laing

Elli Laing says she was walking from the toilets to the baggage area where she believes it slipped off her finger.

Fiancé Connor Megoran drove up to Newcastle to take over the search, so Elli could complete the half-marathon.

Sadly, they have still not managed to find it - and are appealing for anyone who crosses the Town Moor to keep their eyes peeled.

The couple, who have been together since 2012, got engaged in December 2019, and would be over the moon to be reunited with the ring.