Couple left "stressed" as Northumberland wedding venue hikes up its prices

Couples have been left scrambling to find a new wedding venue, after the place they were booked into increased the cost of their big day - without warning. 

Prospective brides and grooms booked into Matfen Hall in Northumberland say they were shocked to be told they needed to pay an extra £10,000 - or find somewhere else to get married. 

That's after the venue's new owners realised they'd lose over £1million in honouring deals agreed before they took over. 

There's no suggestion they've breached contracts, but those impacted say putting what should be the happiest day of their lives in jeopardy is morally wrong.

Pranav Bhanot, a solicitor from Meaby&Co Solicitors LLP said: "The new terms relating to pricing is likely to be an unfair term (pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act 2015) and therefore unenforceable.

"This appears to have happened in the case of Matfen Hall on the basis: 1) A contract price was agreed; 2)A contract was entered by the parties; 3) Couples are now being asked to pay a greater sum."

Matfen Hall have said in a statement: "We unreservedly apologise for the hurt this decision has caused. It never was our intention to cause any upset for the couples involved.

"We have invested heavily in upgrading the wedding experience at Matfen Hall. We know it is up to us to put things right and to explain it to our guests who have booked under the previous management how their wedding would be vastly enhanced."