Pride of Britain 2021: Meet Regional Fundraiser of the Year finalist David Ansell

  • Video report by Tom Barton.

It's the return of Pride of Britain, where we applaud some of those whose fundraising has made a big difference in their community.

A man from Sunderland has been walking a half marathon every day for a year - raising more than £10,000 for Cancer Research.

David Ansell began fundraising last year in October, after losing his Dad and a good friend within days of each other.

Dave is a military driving instructor at Newcastle's Fenham Barracks - most of his half marathons have been between his workplace and his home in Sunderland.

Commanding Officer, Captain William Montgomery, said: "I’ll see him come in all red, or freezing cold, depending on how the weather has been. Then I get to see him do a whole day’s work, and vice versa."Kathryn Leverett from Cancer Research UK said: "Half a marathon every single day, it’s just inspiring. He’s a true local legend.

Dave was nominated for a Pride of Britain award by Tracey Pescod and her daughter Chloe. Chloe's own battle with cancer - after a heart transplant - helped inspire Dave. And Dave's challenge has inspired them.

Tracey Pescod said: “He’s just amazing. The challenge he set himself is totally bonkers really, but he’s done it and I’m really proud of that."

Her daughter Chloe added: “All the money he has raised, it goes to more treatments out there. It might help to beat cancer.”

Dave has now completed his final half marathon in Sunderland.