Over 95% of Newcastle United fan group members think the club's going down this season, survey shows

Newcastle United FC - 05/10/21 - PA
The Newcastle United Supporters Trust said "there was clear anger growing amongst the away end at Wolverhampton on Saturday". Credit: PA

A survey conducted by the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) found 95.9% of members expect the club to get relegated this season.

Of the 5,649 survey respondents, 94.3% said manager Steve Bruce should resign and 94.4% think those in power at the club will fail to make the "necessary changes" to avoid relegation.

NUST is an independent, not-for-profit fan group. According to their website, they have over 13,000 members across 35 countries.

They ran the three-question pulse survey on 3 October - amid the club's eight-game winless streak and after reviewing the results of a previous survey which ran from 25 July to 6 August.

Read the highlights from both surveys below. Find NUST's full survey report here.

2021 NUST Survey Results

3 October 24-hour 'pulse survey' (5,000 respondents, all of whom were NUST members):

  • Should Steve Bruce resign in the best interests of Newcastle United? 94.3% said YES

  • Are you confident that Newcastle United will retain their place in the Premier League this season? 95.9% said NO

  • Are you confident that those in power at Newcastle United will make the necessary changes to stay in the Premier League? 94.4% said NO

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25 July to 6 August survey (2,406 respondents, 1,855 of whom were NUST members):

  • Are you satisfied with Newcastle United's preparation for the new season? 92.4% of members and 96.4% of non-members said NO.

  • Do you believe that Newcastle United’s performance last season was good enough? 93.4% of members and 90.6% of non-members said NO.

  • Are you confident that Newcastle United will survive in the Premier Leaguethis season? 76.9% of members and 78.2% of non-members said they were either not very confident or not at all confident.

  • Are you satisfied with our current manager Steve Bruce? 89.9% of membersand 85.5% of non-members said NO.

  • Are you in favour of the proposed takeover? 93.8% of members and

    89.1% of non-members 89.1% said YES.

  • Are you confident the takeover will happen? 69.5% of members and 83.3% of

    non-member respondents said YES.

  • Do you believe the club is following the guidance set by the Premier League on supporter engagement? 81.2% of members and 74.8% of non-members said NO.

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"The board of The Newcastle United Supporters Trust strongly encourages Newcastle United, and manager Steve Bruce to listen to the fans," said NUST in a statement.

"The discontent amongst our fan base is completely justified, and the concerns fans raise are clear for all to see.

"The environment the club has set up inevitably leads to further anger in the stands and results in a toxic atmosphere for the players tasked with securing our Premier League status.," they continued.

Newcastle United Football Club declined to comment.