Afghan family who fled the Taliban praise the "kind people" of Scarborough

We have changed the names of those interviewed in this article to ensure their families in Afghanistan are not targeted by the Taliban.

Three weeks ago, Ahmad, Mariam and their two daughters had never seen the sea.

Now, they are living in a hotel in Scarborough - safe from the Taliban forces they feared would persecute them due to the nature of their work.

Ahmad was a translator who worked for the British forces in Helmand Province. Mariam is the female head of a charity.

According to their neighbours, Taliban troops came knocking for the family at their home in North Afghanistan.

As the Taliban swept through Afghanistan with unexpected ease, the family fled their homes to Kabul, arriving just as the capital city fell.

Scenes of panic at Kabul Airport as evacuations take place.

The young family waded through the crowds and eventually made contact with British forces who offered them a place on a military transport plane.

Councils across the North East and North Yorkshire committed to play their part in the UK Government's settlement scheme - which pledged to take 5,000 refugees fleeing the Taliban in the first year and 20,000 overall.

Three weeks ago, North Yorkshire County Council offered them accommodation at a hotel in Scarborough.

The young couple thank the "kind people" of North Yorkshire for welcoming them to their new, temporary home.

Mariam is pregnant with the family's third child. Though they are grateful for the temporary accommodation they have been provided in Scarborough, Mariam hopes to be living in a more permanent residence by the time she gives birth.

But their main concern is for those they have left behind. Ahmad says his young sister may be forced to marry a member of the Taliban as a punishment for his association with British forces.