Mural of Squid Game's 'red light, green light' doll appears over Middlesbrough street

Credit: Gazette Media Company Syndication

An 11ft mural of a doll which features in the first survival game of the hit Netflix series Squid Game has appeared on a wall in Linthorpe village.The South Korean survival drama series has become Netflix's most watched show in 90 countries since its release in September.But it has also prompted warnings from schools across Teesside as the violent series - which is rated as 15 - sees 456 debt-ridden contestants take on survival tasks which are masqueraded as popular playground games.

Credit: Gazette media company syndication

The doll, which has been sprayed onto a wall in Linthorpe Road, features in the first episode of the hit series where participants run towards the finish line when "green light" is called out, and must freeze when "red light" is shouted.In Squid Game, the giant robotic doll towers over a huge field and has its back on the 456 players - turning its head whenever it announces 'red light'.

Credit: Gazette Media Company Syndication

Any players the doll catches moving are eliminated - but for the first time the hundreds of competitors realise those eliminated during the course of the six games will be shot dead.The players have just five minutes to cross the finish line and pass the first round - all those who don't make it to safety will be eliminated.

Teesside schools are warning parents that the show, and its violent and gruesome scenes, is not suitable viewing for youngsters.

The name Squid Game comes from a "physically aggressive" Korean schoolyard game where children are split into teams with attackers trying to reach an area of a squid-like diagram while the other team try to keep their opponents outside the lines.A game which is demonstrated in the opening scenes of the nine-part series.