Newcastle bar introduces measures to prevent drink spiking as concerns rise

A Newcastle bar has introduced safety measures as concerns rise over incidents of drink spiking.

Reports in recent days of people being spiked via injection have caused nationwide distress over the safety of club and bar goers.

The reports have led to an outpouring of people sharing their experiences of being spiked.

Katie Brady was working in a Newcastle club when her drink was laced. Thankfully, she made it home without coming to further harm.

Market Shaker, a bar in Newcastle city centre, have now taken steps to prevent Katie's experience from being repeated.

Their measures include:

  • Increasing their security by 50%.

  • Installing additional CCTV cameras.

  • Purchasing Check Your Drink kits with which drinks can be tested at the bar upon request.

  • Providing 'advanced welfare training' designed to help staff respond to a spiking situation, including first aid.

  • Installing a 'vulnerable persons area' where people can go if in distress or need "time out".

  • Glass toppers made available

While Northumbria Police say there has not been an increase in spiking incidents in the region - and Durham Constabulary told us they have received no reports of injection spiking - the Police and Crime Commissioner has reminded the public of the crime's severity.

A petition calling for clubs to be legally required to search guests for 'date rape' drugs and weapons on entry has collected more than 110,000 signatures.

The campaign Girls Night In is calling on women across UK cities to boycott clubs on various nights in October and November to protest the rise in spiking by injection and to put pressure on venues to prevent spiking.

If you think you or your friend has been spiked .....

  • Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates

  • Tell a bar manager, bouncer or member of staff

  • Stay with them and keep talking to them

  • Don’t let them go home on their own

  • Don’t let them leave the venue with someone you don’t know or trust

  • If possible, try and prevent them drinking more alcohol as this could lead to more serious problems