Overlooked cat finally rehomed after months in County Durham cattery – thanks to emotional poem

Credit: RSPCA

A ten-year-old cat who struggled to find a family for eight months has finally been chosen after a County Durham RSPCA staff member wrote a poem about him.

Bucky, formally known as Harry, lived in the care of the RSPCA Cat Hub despite best efforts of staff to find him a new owner.This inspired Cat Hub Rehoming Co-ordinator Sophie Moran-Barker to write the rhyme about Bucky seeing other younger cats going off to their forever homes before him.The poem, which was posted online, was seen by Sam Dove, from Darlington who had tears in her eyes when she read it.

The poem about Harry's sadness. Credit: RSPCA

The poem included tearjerking lines such as "Looking through my window, they often come and go. Your time will come too Harry, she says. I'm counting down the days."

Harry leaving the cattery in Darlington. Credit: RSPCA

Sam said: "There was a little poem about him being overlooked which my daughtersent to me.

"Every time they posted something on Bucky, my daughter Jessica would shareit and I knew I wanted him but I had to convince my husband first."

Her husband Andrew is allergic to cats - but he now manages his allergy with a nasal antihistamine spray, and hasn’t experienced any reaction so far so is likely to reduce the use of the treatment in time.

Three weeks ago Bucky went home with Sam - and he has already settled in well with his new family. Credit: RSPCA

Sam added: "For an older cat he’s really playful and he's also really vocal.

"It's like he's talking to you, I absolutely love him. He's so good natured, pretty and handsome, he's just part of the family now."

Ten-year-old Bucky was taken into care in February after his former owner could no longer meet his needs.