Durham Cathedral sends message to global leaders on climate change

The bells of Durham Cathedral will ring out as places of worship around the country come together on the eve of the COP26 summit. 

'Ringing out for Climate' will take place at 6pm on Saturday, to warn of what those taking part describe as impending 'climate catastrophe'.

They are sending their message to global leaders who will be meeting in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change conference.

The cathedral community explains that bells have traditionally been rung to mark significant moments in history, including to raise alarm. 

"From the bush fires of Australia and the heatwaves effecting north America, to the unseasonal flooding of western Europe and rising sea levels, the impact of humanity on the global environment is now beyond dispute and represents a genuine climate emergency."

The idea came from an environmentalist and church member in Essex who was also inspired by the Clap for Carers, which saw thousands of people turn out to show their support for the NHS at the height of the pandemic.