Antisocial teenagers on North Tyneside could lead to their families being evicted

Parents warned they may pay for the behaviour of their children Credit: North Tyneside Council

Parents of antisocial teenagers have been warned they face being evicted after their children were involved in serious antisocial and criminal behaviour on the Metro system.

North Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police’s Metro Unit were called at three addresses in Longbenton and New York village on Monday morning as part of a joint operation.

The council and Police say they have repeatedly tried to engage with the tenants and encourage them to rein in their children’s behaviour but with no success.

Officers said the main culprits were aged 14 and 15.

The council has now served a Notice of Seeking Possession, the first step in the eviction process, to each of the tenants which may be pursued through the courts.

PC Nathan Duddridge from Northumbria Police's Metro Unit, said: "The youths have been given various chances to clean up their acts but have shown a constant disregard for their community.

"They and their families have now been given a final warning that eviction is the next step if they don't look to amend their ways immediately."