Prime Minister agrees to meet Richard Lee ahead of 40th anniversary of his daughter's disappearance

Boris Johnson has agreed to meet the father of Katrice Lee, as the 40th anniversary of her disappearance approaches.

It's after Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer raised the case at PMQ's.

The Prime Minister described it as an 'absolutely tragic case' and that he would of course agree to meet Richard Lee 'father to father.'

An e-fit of what Katrice Lee could look like now Credit: Family photo / RMP

Katrice Lee's disappearance

Katrice vanished on her second birthday on 28 November 1981, from the outskirts of Paderborn in Germany, near the British military base where her father Richard was stationed.

She was last seen at a supermarket on the base. There has been little progress in finding out what happened to her.

  • The Royal Military Police (RMP) reopened the investigation to find Katrice in 2012, with re-analysed evidence identifying the bank of the River Alme in Paderborn as being of particular interest. However, officers excavating a section of the riverbank found bone fragments but they were found to be horse bones and the area was ruled out of the investigation.

  • In June 2014, another woman falsely claimed to be Katrice Lee, via phone calls in December 2013, only seven months into a suspended sentence for the same offence. Donna Wright was jailed after admitting harassment and breaching her previous suspended sentence.

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