COP26: Sting directs 'message in a bottle' towards world leaders

Gordon Sumner - commonly known as The Police frontman and bassist Sting - has released a new version of his hit song 'Message In A Bottle'.

The Wallsend-born and raised musician says the song's 'message' is about climate change and should be directed towards "our political leaders".

As COP26 continues, the musician urges politicians to “do something now, for us, our children, for the planet”.

"Years ago I wrote a song called 'Message In A Bottle'," Sting explains in the video.

"People would say to me 'what is the message?' and I would say 'I don't really know'. But now I do. The message is about climate change and it's for our political leaders."

Local and national environmental groups have praised the video.

“We were delighted that he sent this to us to add his voice to our campaigning," said Jacky Doran from Climate Action Newcastle. "We are all sailing into a storm, but we are not all in the same boat.

Jamie Peters, Director of Campaigning at Friends of the Earth, added: “Music has a long history as part of activism. Sting wrote his song more than 40 years ago yet the lyrics have a renewed relevance: millions of voices around the world are sending out an SOS.