Walrus spotted on the east coast 'for the first time'

An Arctic walrus was spotted taking a rest on rocks at Seahouses on Sunday morning.

It is unclear how the mammal arrived in the North East, as they usually reside hundreds of miles away in the Arctic Sea.

Andy Sisson, Northumberland's area coordinator for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue says he was as suprised as anyone to find a Walrus had taken refuge on the Northumberland coast.

"We have no idea where it's come from, but it's an amazing sight - we've had non-stop visitors all morning"

"It shouldn't be here though, and hopefully it'll leave here and keep going north. All we can do is monitor it at the moment"

"The walrus isn't in any distress, it's got some scratch marks on its front and rear flippers, but apart from that it is fine and just resting."

"Thankfully people have been very cooperative and have kept a respectful distance"

The walrus has since moved on from Seahouses, but Tynemouth Seal Hospital has urged people to stay away if they do come across the mammal and to make sure they give it space to rest.

It was such a unique sighting that people traveled from around the region to catch a glimpse.

Volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue kept people at a sensible distance to limit the disturbance.

Walruses belong in Arctic waters around Greenland and Svalbard.

That means this one is hundreds of miles away from her natural habitat.

The following morning the walrus had moved on, hopefully swimming north, back to where she belongs.

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