Tyne and Wear firefighters rescue cat from a burning house

Pic from Tyne and Wear fire
Firefighters found the cat then treated it with oxygen Credit: Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue

A distressed cat was close to using up its nine lives after it was caught in a house fire.

The moggie was found unconscious inside a house by firefighters from Hebburn and South Shields Community Fire Stations.

Three Breathing Apparatus crews, made up of six firefighters, entered the building and tackled the blaze. During their search for any potential casualties, they came across the feline.

Once the firefighters were confident the property was empty they turned their attention to saving the life of the paw-ly pet.They used specialist animal resuscitation equipment and gave it oxygen to help it survive.

Specialist equipment was used to save the cat

Their actions brought the brave mouser back round to its senses enabling it to live another day.

It was named ‘Lucky’ by firefighters and taken to a local vet to receive emergency treatment. It has since fully recovered and been reunited with its owner.

The RSPCA has praised the fast actions of the firefighters saying they have done a wonderful job.

Lucky that cat is now safe and well with its owners