No further action on allegations made against Cleveland's Police and Crime Commissioner

The Independent office of Police Conduct (IOPC) has said they will not be taking any further action regarding allegations made against Cleveland's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Steve Turner said the watchdog had dismissed claims of malicious historical theft and illegally submitting election papers, which he said were "completely false".

Turner believes the claims were made to cause significant damage to his reputation.

In a statement released on social media last night, it said: "Today I can formally announce that the independent office of Police Conduct has said they will not be taking any action against me regarding the malicious historical theft allegations made by a Labour MP and another “anonymous” source.

"They also confirmed that the allegation by a former Welsh Labour PCC that I had acted illegally when submitting my election papers was also completely false.

"I believe that these allegations were designed in an attempt to cause significant damage to my reputation.

"Whilst there is still a serious allegation outstanding that must be thoroughly investigated, I am confident the process will provide the right outcome and prove my innocence.

An IOPC spokesman said: "We have carefully assessed three referrals from the Cleveland Police and Crime Panel related to the alleged conduct of the current PCC, Steven Turner.

"All have been returned to the Panel after we found the evidence did not indicate the appropriate thresholds had been met to warrant an IOPC investigation.

“Two referrals related to non-recent allegations of theft. We found insufficient evidence that a criminal offence may have taken place in one of those matters, while the other was investigated by police at the time and a police caution subsequently issued. As such a further investigation by the IOPC is not required at this time.

“The other referral concerned a complaint that a police caution received in relation to one of the theft matters had not been declared during the PCC election process. As there was no legal requirement to declare a police caution, there was no evidence any offence may have been committed.”