Injection spiking: Man speaks out after being spiked with a needle on Newcastle night out

Video report by Helen Ford

Craig Campbell is back in his normal routine at work on Teesside, but life isn't the same after a traumatic night out in Newcastle.

Earlier this month when he was at a bar with his wife and friends, Craig says he was injected with a substance which had a sudden impact on his body and mind.

Craig took a photograph of his stomach and another of his jacket, which he says shows the hole made by the syringe as it pierced the fabric.

Credit: Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell posted the following video on social media recounting the events:

Craig told ITV News Tyne Tees, "I felt violated. For the first time in my life I felt vulnerable. My concern and my worry is - if that had been put into a young seventeen year old, eighteen year old girl or an eight stone bloke, or whatever, God knows what would have happened to that guy or that girl".

Northumbria Police is investigating the incident, and issued the following statement on the wider issue:

Craig, who also works as a DJ, says he doesn't want to deter people from going out, but he has this message: "I can do this before somebody gets killed and just get it out there and say  - keep on our guard, stick together, look after each other, look out for each other and if you see any signs, any signs of anything, get the guy or the girl or the person out the bar and get them to help."

Ultimately, Craig says he may never know what was put into his body and has concerns for his future health. By speaking out, he hopes to help other to enjoy a night out - and protect them from harm.