Middlesbrough man faces Christmas hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan

The man we're called Ahmed to protect his identity, is trapped in hiding in Afghanistan Credit: ITV

A man from Middlesbrough is facing spending Christmas in a make shift shelter in the hills of Afghanistan as he continues to try to leave the country.

We're calling him Ahmed to protect his identity.

He sent us these pictures from where he is currently living.

He is a British citizen and travelled to the country to visit family before the fall of Kabul and the country to the Taliban.

This winter it's believed a million children in the country are at risk of starvation

His wife is pregnant and they fear for their lives but are unable to come home to Teesside - where Ahmed has lived and worked for nearly 20 years.

He says conditions are currently freezing and there is frequent snowfall.

The last flight home back to the UK as part of an evacuation mission in the country left in August. Now seats on a plane back to the UK are offered on a 'ad hoc' basis with Qatar airways.

His wife who is not a British citizen, is not eligible for a British visa and so is unable to fly home.

Earlier this year people in Afghanistan desperately tried to flee the country when the Taliban took control Credit: ITV

The Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald who has been appealing for help with his case says there are other families from Teesside also trapped in the country, and that there has been no change or update to the current situation.

Ahmed's story

Ahmed flew to Afghanistan in May to marry, and while he was in the country his Mother died from COVID 19.

After her funeral, he had a flight booked home but that was cancelled when the country fell to the Taliban in August this year (2021).

Since then, he has been desperately trying to get home.

Foreign Office advice was that he should try to get a hotel in Kabul to be processed where he would have been able to get his wife a visa to head to the UK.

Ahmed doesn't need a visa as he is already a British Citizen.

He fled the Taliban in 2001 and came to live in the UK where he has worked in a shop, as a mechanic and in takeaways.

British forces withdrew from Afghanistan early this year Credit: ITV

Due to chaotic scenes in the city and a suicide bombing he was unable to reach this hotel, and despite talking to the British Army at the airport, he was unable to get on a flight home, with priority given to those who had worked for the US and UK forces during operations in the country.

Ahmed was then forced to live in a make-shift refugee camp, fearing the Taliban would find him and kill him due to the fact he is a British Citizen.

For the last couple of months he has been living in a makeshift shelter - almost like a cave - in the hills of Afghanistan after the camp was overrun by the Taliban.

He relies on local shepherds to bring him bread every 2-3 days, and a small solar panel to charge a phone.

The British army helped evacuate people from Afghanistan earlier this year Credit: ITV

Temperatures at night are below freezing and there is now regular snowfall.

His wife is pregnant.

ITV Tyne Tees has contacted the Foreign Office and the Home Office who have not yet been able to provide an update to us.

Last month they sent us this statement: