Northumberland National Park visitors warned to stay out of woodland due to 'extensive' storm damage

Storm Arwen brought down thousands of trees in the region Credit: ITV News

Visitors to Northumberland National Park throughout the festive period are being warned to stay away from wooded areas following 'extensive' storm damage.

Assessments are still taking place after recent storms brought down thousands of trees across Northumberland and weakened many others, meaning there is risk of damaged trees falling with little or no warning.

Northumberland County Council says its teams have been 'working around the clock' to make the area safe for the public, but it's expected the work will continue well into 2022 due to the scale of the damage.

For those heading out on walks between Christmas and the New Year, Forestry England is urging visitors to be prepared for all weather conditions, ensure they have planned to leave in daylight and not put pressure onto the emergency services during the shortest days of the year.