'It’s changed my life': County Durham mum loses 20 stone sea swimming

A mum from County Durham has lost more than twenty stone by sea swimming regularly.

Kathleen Wotton has a condition called Lipodema which causes abnormal fat build-up.

Her story has been an inspiration for many and the now blogger and motivational speaker shares inspirational bikini pictures to raise awareness of her condition.

She claims that sea swimming is a hobby that has changed her life and regularly meets with Seaham Sea Swimmers group.

Tyne Tees first met Kathleen last Autumn - she like many had taken up cold water swimming during lockdown.

She had hoped swimming would help with the pain caused by her condition - now 15 months on she's 20 stone lighter.

Kathleen said: “I didn’t think I’d live, I didn’t think I’d be here now.

“I thought my heart wouldn't take the strain of the weight and everything else, I didn’t think I had a year left”

Her sister, Christine Wiseman said: “We all thought she’s never going to change, she’s just putting herself in an early grave"

Kathleen shares her love of the water in blogs on social media and she's also began doing motivational speaking at Sunderland College.

She said: "The best part about it, is helping other people.

“I’ve been blogging online, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever, because I think if you can help one other person, I’m happy”

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