Durham Police reveal excuses given by drivers caught behind the wheel under the influence

07.01.22 durham drink drive stop DURHAM CONSTABULARY
Credit: Durham Constabulary

Durham Police have shared the excuses for drink driving, given to them during their Christmas 'drink and drug drive' campaign.

A total of 1,372 drivers were tested for drink or drugs during the month-long campaign - with 116 arrested for being over the limit and ending up in court.

Officers carried out stops across the force area, especially targeting those areas where residents expressed concerns.

They recounted one lady who registered on the breathalyser after two glasses of wine at home last night.

Among the excuses were 'cabs are too expensive' and 'it's only me in the car.'

The force have also thanked all the people who were stopped and tested zero - with officers checking over their cars before they left.