Warnings another price hike from energy firms will push more people into fuel poverty

  • Video report by Kris Jepson

There are warnings that families will face the choice between putting food on the table and heating their homes when the price rises hit in April.

Average bills could go from £1277 a year to around £1865.

There's now growing pressure on the government to announce more support for customers.

Simon Williams, from the Corra Lynn Hotel in Whitby, says he's already seen a hike in energy prices to run his Whitby Bed and Breakfast.

But with the threat of the energy price cap being lifted in April, he’s concerned he’ll have to find another twelve to thirteen hundred pounds to pay the annual bills.

"We’ve seen all of our costs increase substantially, particularly in relation to food and laundry costs, bank charges are all going up and so within the past year we’ve seen that an increase again by approximately by 20 per cent. So for a small business, it’s quite an impact on our outgoings," he said.

The Government says it's introduced a series of measures to support people struggling to meet fuel bills, but there's now growing pressure on ministers to announce more.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) says intervention is needed to ease the pressure on struggling families.

Charlotte Wild from CAB said: "People are really worried at the minute. People are getting to the point where they’re kind of having to make that consideration between heating and eating and the thing is, potentially it looks like the situation as it stands at the minute is only going to get worse."

For advice and support from the National Energy Action, click here.