Historians discover stash of saucy coded 1940s love letters

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but according to historians so does a saucy note from your sweetheart pining for your swift, safe return!

The team at Brancepeth Castle in County Durham have recently discovered a haul of intriguing love letters dating back to the 1940s, with a range of acronyms written on the envelopes.

They were sent from loved ones to soldiers based at what was then the headquarters of the Durham Light Infantry, where thousands of men trained.

Many letters, found behind a trap-door are from family members with charmingly typical content, but others concern matters of the heart concealed with secret codewords.

At the time, it was traditional to seal an envelope with an acronym. While some were quite sweet, others were rather more saucy - such as EGYPT and the rather more lewd NORWICH.

Can you guess the acronym?


Sealed With A Loving Kiss


I Trust And Love You


Friendship Remains And Never Can End


Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies


Ever give you pleasant thoughts?

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(K)nickers off ready when I come home!

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Geoffrey Harrison, Chairman of the Brancepeth Archives and History Group, said: "They tell a great story - nothing to do with military secrets, just ordinary servicemen communicating with the families and their sweethearts. It's just a lovely snapshot of time."

Do you know what TMDDH stands for? Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

While the experts have worked out many of the codewords, they are now asking for help after being baffled by the messages 'TMDDH' and 'BOLOP'.

If you know the answer, you can contact them here.