Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope returns to former Newcastle school to open its student wellbeing centre

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Vick Hope went to Dame Allan's school in Newcastle between 2000 and 2007. Credit: Crest Photography

Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope returned to her former school in Newcastle on Friday (28 January) to open its new student wellbeing centre.

'The Snug' at Dame Allan's in Fenham offers counselling, psychotherapy and Special Educational Needs, as well as provide a dedicated place where students feel safe, heard and understood.

Vick, whose family live outside Hexham, in Northumberland, was a pupil at the school between 2000 and 2007.

Vick said: “It's been important to me in my work to raise awareness, destigmatise and signpost resources dedicated to nurturing the psychological and emotional wellbeing of our young people, and I'm so proud that Dame Allan's is clearly doing this work so well too. 

“The Snug will create a safe space for pupils at school to ensure they can find the peace and freedom they need when studies get overwhelming, to know they are not alone, that they can talk about anything they're thinking or feeling, and as a result thrive.”

Students can use the space at any time. Credit: Crest Photography

While Vick, a human rights activist and Amnesty International Ambassador, was in the region, she spoke candidly about mental health.

Vick tragically lost one of her friends when he took his own life in 2020.

Now, Vick hopes to see more schools offer support spaces like 'The Snug' at Dame Allan's.

She said: "Knowing that they've got this resource is heartening, it's comforting, it's a brilliant step in the right direction. Something that makes me hope that other schools in the area and around the country can look at and think 'ok maybe it's something we can do' because every kid deserves that."

Dame Allan’s Principal Will Scott said: “It is always a delight to see an 'Allanian' return through the school gates and regale us with stories of their days here as students.

“Vick speaks so openly and positively about the importance of promoting good mental health among the younger generation, so we are very grateful to her for opening The Snug and recognising all we do throughout the schools to support our pupils.”