Hartlepool manager's wife thanks Crystal Palace and fans for brain cancer donations now at £80k

Gemma Lee, 41, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019 Credit: ITV News

The wife of Hartlepool United's manager has thanked a Premier League side and football fans for donating towards a growing £80,000 total for her brain cancer treatment.

Gemma Lee said there were not "enough words" to convey how grateful she and her family were for the gesture made by Crystal Palace FC at its home game against Hartlepool at the weekend.

The club's donation of £1,000 has kick-started a wave of donations to the mum-of-two's fundraising page, which now stands at more than £80,000.

The mum-of-two said she finally fully understood what the term "football family" meant.

Gemma Lee thanks fans for their support and generosity

Gemma was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019 and at one point was given 12 months to live - with treatment.

The tumour cannot be operated on and initial treatment was not effective but the 41-year-old has been reacting well to drugs being trialled in Germany.

However, the cost of those drugs is £5,000 a month.

'I get to live a bit longer'

Gemma said: "It takes care of near enough a year's worth of medication, which takes care of me and allows me to survive for the next 12 months.

"It sounds really dramatic but the bottom line is that is what it's doing."

She said as far as she was aware, the medication has stopped the brain cancer progressing.

"It's immeasurable, you can't put a price on living and that's what it's meant for me - I get to live a bit longer," added Gemma.

Gemma is now raising awareness about brain cancer - the impacts of which she said she was not aware of before being diagnosed.

Graeme and Gemma Lee, who have been together for 23 years, with their children Credit: Beth Badman - GoFundMe

Despite defeat for her husband Graeme Lee's side Hartlepool United, action on the pitch was outshone by the support shown by the London club and its fans.

Ahead of the FA Cup tie this weekend, the South London club urged its supporters to donate to the fundraiser, which was set up two months ago.

Manager Graeme gave his thanks to the victors while Palace manager Patrick Viera Tweeted about his pride for the club and the fans.

They also subsidised travel for the visiting fans.