Pig leaves County Durham pub goers squealing as he pops in for a snack

PIG in Easington pub
This little piggy went to the pub, Roddy pops into his local for a snack. Credit: NCJ Media

You would usually expect to see a pint and a pool table in your local pub - but not a pig! 

So it's no wonder regulars at Easington Colliery Club in County Durham were left squealing with laughter after one made its way into the bar on Tuesday night.

The crisp-loving swine, called Roddy, trotted in behind a customer at just after 10pm following a late-night escape - thought to be from a nearby gardens.

According to bemused onlookers, Roddy was very friendly and tried to get a stroke from everyone.

Roddy enjoying some crisps (not bacon flavor). Credit: NCJ Media

The manager, Kayleigh said: "I live on the premises so I was upstairs, and the bar staff phoned me and said ‘I’m sorry to disturb you but there’s a pig in the bar’.

"They got some crisps from behind the bar and lured him outside with some cheese and onion.

"We’ve got a garden down the bottom with a big fence so we kept him in there.

"I put it on Facebook and someone said she knew the owner so someone came to pick him up after about 15 minutes.

"Everyone was laughing about it. It was a bit of entertainment for a Tuesday night."