Campaigners raise awareness of poor water quality in North Tyneside beach

Campaigners have been on North Tyneside beach today to raise awareness of poor water quality (13 February).

Marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage held a "Non-Paddle" event at Cullercoats Bay.

Members turned up in their surfing, swimming, kayaking, paddling gear and deliberately did not enter the water.

They're calling on the council and Northumbrian Water to take action.

Campaigners formed a giant heart shape on the beach in support of the worldwide #ShowTheLove campaign, which aims to see real and rapid action to tackle the ocean and climate emergency.

Andrew Riley, Regional Rep for Tynemouth said: “We’re all proud and excited to be running this community-led campaign to hold Northumbrian Water and our elected leaders to account, to address the dire water quality of Cullercoats Bay.

“It’s completely unacceptable that it’s the only beach in North Tyneside to be consistently falling below the acceptable standards of water quality, and we’re sick and tired of watching the situation get worse.

“We’re demanding that the situation improves for both humans and nature. And we’re doing this by bringing hundreds of local people together in a positive, community-focused, inspirational way.”