Thunder, snow, storms, blizzards - what weather is really on the way for the North East?

Weather presenter Ross Hutchinson explains what weather we can expect this week

Reports of ‘Storm Gladys’ being on the way may be a bit premature, but threats of ‘blizzards’ and even ‘thundersnow’ are a bit closer to the mark.

A cold front moving in from the north will bring a short spell of heavy rain, and even a few thundery downpours. It will also signal a change in air mass over the region, meaning temperatures are about to plummet.

On Thursday we will wake up to a cold start with frost and ice.

Showers moving in to the region will readily turn to snow, even down to lower levels – but will tend to only settle over higher ground.

There is a small chance some of these showers will be thundery – leading to the infamous ‘thundersnow’.

Warnings are in place tomorrow for snow and lightning – but the warning area does not come as far south as the Tyne Tees region.

Even so – expect a blast of winter as we head towards the end of February.