Freya the walrus has been spotted in Denmark after Northumberland visit

Freya the walrus, who appeared on the rocks at Seahouses back in November last year, has made her way back across the North Sea.

Since her last sighting in the Shetland Islands, the female walrus has been spotted swimming in the harbour pool of Thorsminde, on the west coast of Denmark, and was also seen in Hvide Sande, around 45km south of the harbour.

The Arctic walrus is thought to be the same animal seen in Seahouses due to a distinctive mark on her nose.

Pernille Mia Bek, a former biologist, took the most recent photographs of Freya and shared them on a Facebook group called 'Whale and seal sightings in Denmark'.

She said: "There were a couple of walruses spotted last year in Denmark but before that, none were seen for 10 years.

"The walrus visited Hvide Sande from 25 to 28 January this year and has been seen in Thorsminde Harbour since 3 February."

Pernille added: "The walrus seemed very curious and relaxed. Looked like it was looking for a good place to rest.

"It swam towards us a couple of times and was only a few metres away."