Durham police warn people in Teesdale about phone scam after victim conned out of £16,000

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Some victims have been scammed out of thousands of pounds Credit: PA

Durham police are warning people in Teesdale of a phone scam that left one man £16,000 out of pocket.

The telephone scam circulating sees callers pretending to be from energy companies and promising better deals if they "sign up" with them.

One elderly victim gave his personal information including bank details which allowed the fraudsters to steal £12,000 over the phone and another £4,000 that was couriered through the Post Office.

Fraudsters have also been pretending to be from people’s banks and asking for money transfers or that they withdraw large amounts, often instructing victims to give false excuses to evade questions from the bank clerk.

Neighbourhood officers are visiting elderly residents to make them aware of the scams and how to avoid it happening to them.

Police are reminding the public that genuine officers and banks would not contact them requesting money.

This is as well as avoiding giving out personal details to any companies and only talking to those they're expecting to be contacted by.