'An unbelievable effort from the people of Teesside' as donations are collected to support Ukraine

Teesside has joined the humanitarian effort to support those caught up in the conflict in Ukraine.

Communities across the North East and North Yorkshire have been rallying to help people who have had to flee Ukraine, those trapped and those left behind to defend their country.

In Middlesbrough, personal trainer and fundraiser Mike Hind has begun collecting essential supplies.

Local businesses and people have donated items such as sleeping bags, medecine, toiletries, phone chargers and warm clothing.

"The public have come together, companies have come together, we have got blankets, sleeping bags, medical supplies, hats, gloves. Absolutely all sorts.

"So far, the money that we have raised, is around £5,000. We haven't had to spend a penny of that yet because the public have come together.

"It is an unbelievable effort from the people of Teesside."

Mike only began the campaign two days ago, but he has already raised thousands of pounds and has been inundated with donations. 

The items are being boxed up and loaded onto cars and vans in preparation for a convoy that will drive them over to the Ukrainian border.

Among those driving over is Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner.

"The people of Teesside have got fantastic hearts, you've only got to see the pictures on the news every single day and think, that could be our families.

"I know people out there and it's terrible. I never thought it would be something I would see in my lifetime."