Warning to drivers after four deer killed on roads in North Yorkshire over two days

North Yorkshire Police have issued advice for drivers in rural areas Credit: PA

Drivers are being warned about how to stay safe on the roads after four deer were killed in North Yorkshire in just two days.

North Yorkshire Police said officers had attended collisions that caused the deaths of the animals in Catterick, Whitby and Malton this week.

A spokesperson for the force said: "These collisions typically increase in springtime when young buck roe deer move to new territories.

"As well as causing terrible suffering to the animal, these incidents can also put human lives at risk."

Police have are advising motorists to be aware of four safety tips, particularly when driving in rural parts of North Yorkshire and York.

Four safety points to remember:

  • Look out for deer warning road signs

  • Stay alert, check your speed and be prepared to stop

  • Take particular care from sunset to midnight, and the hours shortly before and after sunrise

  • If you see a deer near a road, remain vigilant - others may follow

Drivers who do hit a deer are advised not to get out of their vehicle and approach the animal.

"It may hurt you, or run across traffic causing another collision," added the spokesperson.

"Instead, park your car in a safe place with hazard lights on and call the police on 101, giving as precise a location as you can."

If lives could be at risk people are urged to call 999.