County Durham rapist caught after making a kebab order jailed for eight years

Police didn't know his exact location until he placed a Just Eat order a month after the attack. Credit: Northumbria Police/PA Images

A "dangerous" rapist who was caught by the police because he ordered a £19 kebab from Just Eat has been put behind bars.

Violent predator Daniel Hassan met his victim on an online dating site and arranged to meet for a date in Newcastle City Centre.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 43-year-old software engineer, who worked for Waitrose, appeared "polite and charming" and the pair returned to the victim's home to watch a football match on television together.

But when the victim made a comment about his football team he "flipped" and subjected her to a brutal rape that has left her traumatised.

She suffered more than 15 injuries during the violence and there was "blood all over the house from the repeated blows".

Hassan left the address as the victim dialled 999 and an investigation was launched by Northumbria Police's Safeguarding unit.

The victim could only identify the man as 'Danny' and that he was originally from Manchester.

Despite deleting his dating profile, officers were still able to recover a photo of the suspect and using state-of-the-art technology, the image was a match for Hassan and he was believed to be located in the village of Haswell, County Durham.

There was not a precise location of his whereabouts at that time but it was the moment Hassan ordered a takeaway through Just Eat, that officers were able to pinpoint his exact location and arrest him.

Hassan of Hessewell Crescent, Haswell, County Durham, who has previous convictions for violence against women, admitted rape and assault.

The victim said in an impact statement she now needs medication and counselling to cope with what happened to her.

She called her attacker a "vile, cruel and evil man" and added: "The things he did to me were horrific and unforgivable and will stay with me for the rest of my life."

She added: "I don't feel like I'm in control of my own life anymore. I feel weak.

"I torture myself in wondering why I let him into my home, questioning is it my fault this happened.

"I hate being in my own home. There's still blood on my carpets and walls.

"I can never settle or sleep, I have nightmares, flashbacks."

Judge Edward Bindloss jailed Hassan for eight years and one month with a six-year extended licence period.

Judge Bindloss told him: "You raped her in her own home.

"You repeatedly assaulted her to the head. She said you treated her like a ragdoll."

The judge said Hassan's record for violence against women involved a pattern of him being "totally out of control" and added: "I have come to the view you are a significant risk of causing serious harm to members of the public.

"I, therefore, find you dangerous."

Detective Constable Dayna McNally has praised the victim for her bravery and hopes the outcome gives a strong reassuring message that we will find those committing violent sexual crimes and put them before the courts.

DC McNally said: "I can't imagine how much of a traumatic experience this has been for the victim and she absolutely did the right thing reporting it to police.

"Even with the limited information we knew about Hassan, we have been able to track him down and provide strong evidence of his crimes to the point he has been unable to deny it anymore.

"All the victim wanted was to find someone to connect with but this was the vile man she was faced with. But now, women are safe from Hassan."