Romulus and Remus the pygmy goats turn one-year-old

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Romulus and Remus, the pygmy goats, have turned one-yea-old, and what a year it’s been!

From first meeting them at Westbarn Pygmy Goats in Northumberland, it was love at first sight.

They chose us as their owners - with Remus falling asleep in my arms.

We call them brothers, but they’re actually half uncle and nephew (or something like that!).

Before bird flu regulations, the hens were regular visitors, often getting the upper hand against the young kids.

They were so tiny!

Building the goat shed was a fun challenge; designing a structure that would be practical and fun for them.

I went for a sloped and turfed roof so they would have a hill to climb, and it’s just grown from there

It also gives them the shelter they demand when it rains – they really aren’t a fan of getting wet!

Romulas is definitely the most 'boisterous', often pushing Remus out the way for the best food.

They are quite particular about what they eat, only really liking the freshest (most expensive!) haylage, and even then they leave most of it.

Fortunately, the neighbouring horses are happy to finish off the piles of ‘scraps’.

Last summer, they enjoyed chilling in the hammock – and once again Remus was happy to fall asleep.

Romulus was more interested in using me as a climbing frame to reach the leaves he usually couldn’t stretch to eat.

As they get bigger they take up more space in the hammock - and are getting more demanding.

Watch how Remus insists on being stroked!

They often get taken on walks around the neighbours’ allotments, and will use any excuse for a skip and a jump.

Through winter, when the green stuff is limited, they are brought fresh greenery and root vegetables – and even the odd Christmas tree!

So, while we wait for the leaves to appear on their favourite bushes - it's chopped swede, carrot and cabbage.